Full Disclosure from Kristi

I was planning to swim this afternoon but didn’t. Binita got home from work early and called me; I skipped swimming and instead walked the dogs and hung out on the terrace at home. It was a nice, quiet evening.

Kristi is nuts. She sent Will and I this absolutely hilarious email about her “full disclosure while travelling with her.” I have her permission to reprint it in this blog; here is the email…

Subject: things you need to know…

before we spend an inordinate amount of time together. full disclosure:

  • i am neurotic leading up to any trip (domestic or international); expect me to check for my passport 5-10 times between my house and the airport gate on morning of departure – only furthering the actual opportunity for me to lose it… this behavior is exacerbated if traveling for a triathlon
  • i have a penchant for fanciful French music, all things vintage, and anything involving the 17-19th centuries
  • i have no will power when it comes to food, drink or shopping
  • i may get mean when hungry or tired, in which case it is best to just leave me alone with a book and i’ll get over myself after an hour or so (see below re: ice cream and chocolate for alternative resolutions)
  • there is a possibility i have undiagnosed narcoleptic tendencies, which generally occur after 9pm
  • i can be a spitfire if provoked, see line item #4 above for how to react in this situation
  • i tend to talk too loud and get long-winded when i’m having fun or if i’m nervous; will – you are tasked with getting extra orange ear plugs to solve this issue as needed (*note: per prior discussion, this does not apply on airplanes)
  • i enjoy equal amounts of solitude and camaraderie. if i’m off in my own world – it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong; if i’m smiling you should be ok, if i’m not… maybe just don’t make eye contact to be safe
  • i have a sweet tooth, mostly for ice cream and chocolate
  • if i could make macaroni and cheese a food group, i would
  • i can get ready in anywhere from 5-40 minutes, depending on the need for speed and/or a shower
  • i have a mild obsession with photography; you should expect to be in photos (sidebar: you will be required to smile and feign a good time, but i imagine – and like to think – it will be genuine)

clearly i am unable to focus on work and found the need to occupy my time with idiosyncratic rhetoric… apparently i need to add this to my list of neurosis.

if i think of any other pertinent details, i will pass along.  🙂

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