Muesli Recipe

For a change, I woke up late today (7:30AM) and it was just a bit too warm to run outside. Instead, Binita and I sat in the living room with the dogs and had coffee and some Muesli that she had made last night. If you don’t know what Muesli is, here is a recipe (Binita likes to put some fresh fruit in it). It is quite delicious and nutritious.

Later in the morning, I headed to Lifetime Fitness for a 9 mile run in about 70 minutes. I felt good; it was a pretty smooth run. This was followed by swimming (400 warm-up and 50×20 sprints followed by 100 warm-down) a total of 1,500 meters.
In the evening, we went to Amy’s 40th party at the North Mountain Visitor Center. It was a relaxed evening with a few friends and a few of Binita’s work colleagues. By the time we got back home, I was dead tired!

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