Brunch with Kristen & Team KLAR

The ride started at Kristen’s home in Chandler. It was a flat lollipop loop for about 26 miles with mild winds. Kristen did the first 8 miles with us and then turned around to make sure brunch was ready for us (thanks Kristen). Jerry was the fastest of the lot and easily took the lead. I followed closely behind, sometimes getting behind his bike to draft and conserve energy. Juan and Brett followed closely behind with Zara, Lacy and John bringing in the rear.

Kristen cooking brunch for Team KLAR

Afterwards, we hung out at Kristen’s for brunch. She made some amazing hollow cupcakes with butter and sugar. This was complimented with fresh fruits, bagels and eggs with sausages (yumm)!. It was a gorgeous morning as we sat in her kitchen and patio and talked about the upcoming ride next weekend. Kristi was notably absent as she was spending mother’s day in Mexico!

In the afternoon, I went for Gwen’s Vinyasa II Yoga class. I like to go on Sunday afternoons to wring my muscles out. Today was one of her hardest classes, but I feel great.

I called my mom early in the morning to wish her Happy Mothers Day. My niece (Sanjana) was with her. We talked about her admission into UC Berkley (she starts in August) and my upcoming trip to India.

2013 is shaping up to be an eventful travel year. It looks like I will be in India in June, Berkley in August, maybe Cozumel in September, Napa in October, Nashville in early November and maybe Italy in late November.

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