BikeMS Cottonwood and Sedona – Day 2 – a beautiful ride

After yesterday’s ride, I was a bit lethargic waking up this morning. Fortunately, I experienced no ghosts or goblins in my haunted room and slept pretty hard. By 6:45AM, we were at the starting gate and while still a  bit lethargic, started the ride promptly at 7AM.

Today’s ride started in Cottonwood travelling North East towards Page Springs road before hitting Cornville, going further east towards I-17 on Cornville road before looping around and heading back towards Cottonwood. It then took a circular 10-mile route around Cottonwood to end back at the starting point.

Compared to yesterday’s ride with brutal hills and winds, today’s ride was comfortable and easy. There were two highlights today. First, biking on Page Springs road with its gentle curves and hills with a sheer rock cliff on one side and green foliage on the other was one of the most beautiful bike stretches I have ever done. Second, on the Cornville Road loop, we encountered sheep blocking the road. Hundreds of them. It was an unusual sight to see in Arizona, but quite exhilarating. Here’s a picture taken by Kristi (complete with guard dogs).

Kristi, Eric, Beth and I rode mostly together throughout the ride. I lost some steam for the last 10 miles as Kristi raced ahead. I caught her when she stopped and finished the ride in just under 3 hours.

Thank you Kristen for organizing this 2-day ride. I’ll be back next year to do it again!

Kristi and I started the drive back around noon. I enjoy her company. She is thoughtful and fun. I feel comfortable sharing my inner thoughts with her. It’ll be fun when we are in India with Will.

Kristi and I ended up going to the Sunday afternoon yoga class at Lifetime Fitness. Admittedly, I didn’t enjoy the class but am glad I went. My muscles are sore but in a good way!

Oh, here is a picture that Kristi sent of me (taken yesterday) when we were on one of the Sedona loops. In the background is Cathedral Rock (from the back).

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