Flush out my legs with easy spin class

My legs feel like Jello. My upper body is sore. I’m still tired and cranky, but I went to spin class today with Babette. I ran into a ton of people at the gym today. Shelly was swimming, Brad was going upstairs to work out, Brooke was doing some sort of class, Kim was in spin with me, Maury was in the cafe after her workout with Vade and Joel was going hard on the weight machines. I like to see familiar faces when I go to the gym. There is comfort in it!

I took it easy in spin class, but it was still hard. It was good to flush out the legs though. I hope that by tomorrow or Thursday, I will be fully recovered.

My focus now is on the 50-mile ALS ride with Destination Kona on Saturday. I also look forward to India next week!

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