TnT party at my place this summer

My body soreness is finally gone. My legs fell fresh and my muscles have recovered. This week will be a pretty easy workout week and next week I will be in India. While in India, there will be no biking and all workout activities will be cut short. My concentration will be on food, family and friends. I can’t wait!

I had lunch with Jen today. She just got married and looks GREAT. There is a good chance that TnT will honor us by hosting their fund raising heroes party at our house! The date is not set yet but it will probably be sometime this summer!
I went for an easy mile-long swim at Lifetime Fitness. Unlike yesterday, I saw zero familiar faces at the gym today. Maybe I should have taken a stroll upstairs! I just wanted to get home and relax…and hang with Binita and the pups.

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