ALS 50-mile ride

Destination Kona organized a 50-mile ride for ALS today. Matt Russell lead the ride with more than a hundred of us.

Somehow, I ended up in the lead group and could barely keep up. Starting at Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale, we went North on Hayden, East on Bell before going up the relatively steep but short hill up McDowell Mountain Road. Circling back, we went through DC Ranch north to Pima all the way to Legend Trail. I managed to keep up until this point and then got dropped!

It was quite annoying to see bicyclists who were seemingly out of shape ride faster and easier for longer distances. My leg strength is weak compared to most seasoned bicyclists and I’m not sure how I can go any faster. I used to blame it on my Trocket (tri-bike), but Therapy (my road bike) is comfortable, fast and nimble.

Oh well, I guess I will have to reel some of those fast bicyclists in the run!

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