Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh India

12:30AM: Our plane landed in New Delhi on time. Customs and Immigration were a breeze. We were home (Amiben’s house) by 2:30AM. Lalji and Chokidar fixed us some delicious bhel and we took a quick 3 hour nap.

6:00AM: Will and I were up early and sat in the lawn. Lalji fixed us some cold coffee. What is it about Indian cold coffee? It just tastes so so so good! Everything has so much more flavor in India.

10:30AM: We had breakfast at home and then headed out at around 1PM to Delhi Haat to buy some handicrafts. Will and Kristi bought gorgeous shawls and a few other miscellaneous pieces. It was HOT out, but who cares…I’m in India and loving it!

Dinner: The best restaurant in the world didn’t disappoint. Bukhara is unbelievably good. We had a leg of lamb (Raan) and Chicken Tikkas with some Kali Daal and Naan. The phrase “fingerlicking good” was used a few times as all 3 of us chowed down! This was followed by 3 types of desserts (Phirni, Gulab Jamun and Ras Malai). If you are ever in Delhi, don’t miss Bukhara. It is easily the BEST restaurant that I have EVER eaten at and nothing comes in second place!

Tomorrow we head out to Agra to see Fatehpur Sikri and the Taj Mahal. I can’t wait!

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