Ahmedabad at last but without power

I’m finally home. The house I grew up no longer exists, but I’m home. The city I grew up in is quite different, but I’m home. The places I remember have changed or are gone, but I’m home. It feels good.

At midnight, the electricity went out. We were tired and hot. Shyam (my cousin) did his very best to restore power; he called and picked up the electrician at 1AM, and eventually restored some of the power at around 2:30AM, but the air-conditioning didn’t come back. Eventually, at 3AM, we drove to my mom’s house and crashed.

We had lunch at Swati, a traditionally Gujarati restaurant right by my high-school and had pure sugar-cane juice along with vegetarian delicacies like panki, sev puri and khichu. You won’t get any of these dishes in any restaurant outside Gujarat (at least not as well made).

In the afternoon, we went to Karnavati club for a quick 1-hour run. The equipment there was sub-optimal and it was humid, but it was good to run after a long time!

Dinner was at my sister Sheelben’s place with a whole host of family members. 

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