Last day in Ahmedabad

The morning started with breakfast at my Shobhanakaki’s place. It was a casual affair with a few of my cousins joining in. Will and Kristi decided to sit this one out and relaxed at my place.
Later in the morning, we went for a workout to the Sports Club of Gujarat where there is a bizarre rule that you cannot wear your shoes into the gym. Instead, you have to bring you shoes with you in a gym bag (the theory here is that the roads of Ahmedabad are so dirty that they don’t want you to track dirt into the gym). Ironically, you can use the not-co-clean gym bathroom with your shoes on (thank god) and then wear the same shoes into the gym. Also, the gym had this nasty stench of sweat and body odor. It was hot and humid but I managed to run for an hour!
Lunch was nice and simple at my mom’s place followed by a long nap at my place.
Dinner was at Mananbhai’s house with both my sisters joining in. There were shish and chicken kebabs from K-Bob’s. They were quite good. A few appetizers later (hummus, couscous, etc.) we had chole-puri for the main course.
Tomorrow morning, we leave for Delhi. We will spend the day there and then fly out back to the USA.

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