Hard spin class | Delhi Haat Handicrafts

I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but Babette wants to do the Soma half iron-distance in October and has borrowed my tri-bike (Trocket). I have become so comfortable on my road bike (Therapy) that I have ignored Trocket for a few months. Babette has it all cleaned up and ready to go. As for the Soma triathlon, it looks like Kim, Colleen and I will do the relay (Colleen is an FAST swimmer, Kim is a FAST runner, and I am a very mediocre biker).

Spin class this evening seemed harder than usual because my legs are feeling it from the long run yesterday. I saw Kim, Angela and Erika at the gym; it was good to see them after a long time!

I have hundreds of pictures from my recent trip to India and have decided that I will put up a random picture daily for a while. Here is one that Kristi took while we were shopping at Delhi Haat on the first day after arriving in India.

Handicrafts on sale at Delhi Haat

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