Run instead of swim | Kristi at Fatehpur Sikri

The plan was to swim this evening. Instead, when I got to the gym, I felt a slight tick in my throat. I thought swimming would only compound this; hence I changed plans and ran on the treadmill for an hour. It was a pretty smooth run of just short of 8 miles.

Binita and I met the Whoopie Babes for pizza at Lamp (a pretty decent pizza joint on Pinnacle Peak and Pima) this evening.

Here is my India picture of the day. Kristi is all happy in Fatehpur Sikri fort. The name Fatehpur Sikri is derived from two words; “Fateh” meaning victory and “Shukriya” meaning thank you. Akbar built the fort was built after a significant victory and named it “Thank You, Victory City.”

Kristi is all happy at Fatehpur Sikri

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