Mile-long swim | Salim Chisti’s tomb

It was a busy Friday at work today. Work started early (5AM) today and I was busy with clients and potential clients until noon. I had casual lunch with Kristi and Brett at Whole Foods. Fortunately, things slowed down allowing me to escape work around 4:30ish for a swim at Lifetime Fitness. I swam a bit more than a mile before I was told that my lane was needed for kids’ swimming lessons.

Today’s India picture was taken inside Fatehpur Sikri’s walls. In the background, you can see Salim Chisti’s tomb (white) where I tied two red and yellow threads and made a wish. While I can’t divulge what I wished for, I am happy to say that so far the wish is coming true!

Will, Kristi, me at Salim Chisti’s tomb

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