Lazy Sunday morning | Vanya Vilas Spa picture

The plan was to wake up early and go for a 3-hour bike ride. It didn’t happen. After lazing around most of the morning doing this and that (mostly working on video editing for the soon to-be-released India video), I went to Lifetime Fitness for a stationary spin of 90 minutes. Somehow, spinning on a stationary bike while not in spin class is cumbersome and boring.

At 4PM, I went for the usual yoga class with Gwen. I love when she gently touches to correct my pose; there is something magical about her touch! It was HOT in the yoga class today and I was sweating like a pig (I don’t think the girl doing yoga next to me appreciated all my sweat, but there was not much I could do about it).

Today’s India picture comes from the spa at Vanya Vilas. This was taken by Will on our last day in Ranthambhore just after we had lunch there.

Spa at Vanya Vilas in Ranthambhore

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