Hard treadmill interval run | Peeking over fort walls

It was too hot to run outside and is expected to get hotter later in the week. In the late afternoon, I went to Lifetime Fitness and ran intervals on the treadmill (9.5 miles). It was a pretty hard interval run, but I felt good throughout the run. I ran into Maury and Shelly and Kim at the gym; it is always nice to see familiar faces!

Today is Kristi’s birthday and yesterday was Will’s birthday. Happy Birthday Will and Kristi.
Today’s picture from India was taken by Nimay. I am peeking over the fort walls at Nahargahr (Ranthambhore).

At Ranthambhore

On a different note, here is something I support. You should too!

Half The Road: The Passion, Pitfalls & Power of Women’s Professional Cycling.

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