Someone educate One Multisport members | Ahmedabad, Patan, Modhera video (part 3 of 3)

Arizona is scorching hot these days. The temperature in Phoenix today was 117 degrees. If you want to do anything outdoors, you best do it early in the morning. This morning, One Multisport organized a bike-ride starting at The Village Helathclub (2 minutes from my house). The route went south snaking around to Shea Blvd, going East into Fountain Hills, then north up the tough but short hills on Palisades and then looping around into Rio Verde. This is where One Multisport had setup an aid station with water sprays, popsicles, nutrition and cold water. The route then headed back up 9-mile hill back on to Pima and back to the starting point for a total of 48 miles.

It was a hot but fun ride. Mike, Erika, Kristi, Shelly, Mark, Angela and about 100 others were on the ride. While One Multisport is a good outfit, there is one significant criticism I have for them. Many of their members do not obey traffic lights. These rogue riders are the reason some folks can’t stand bicyclists. Not only do these rogue riders give a bad name to One Multisport, they give a bad name to all of us bicyclists. If anyone from One is reading this, please take note and educate your members!

This picture is us getting soaked at the aid station. You can see Erika (3rd from left) about to get soaked as Rosa (left) and Angela (right) look on. I am waiting my turn to get soaked!

Getting soaked by One Multisport

Here’s the 3rd and final segment of the India video. You can also find these under the Video link on the top menu (dropdown menu if you are on a mobile device). This video is from Ahmedabad, Patan and Modhera.

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