Bad idea to swim after lunch | Peacock dances in the evening light

Swimming after eating a relatively large Quinoa burger is a bad idea. Compound this with 117 degree heat, an outdoor pool and poor hydration, and you have a recipe for disaster. I was stupid enough to combine all of the above this afternoon. After swimming 2,000 meters, when I exited the pool, I felt woozy and saw black&white for a while. Not good. It took me a couple of hours and a few glasses of water and coconut water to recover. Lesson learned!

Today’s India picture is from Ranthambhore of a peacock dancing in the evening light as chital deer graze. On the other side of the jungle (what you don’t see in this picture) were tigers mating! This shot was taken by Amiben.

Peacock dancing in the evening light at Ranthambhore

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