Snakes and skunk tracks | Tiger tracks

Early in the morning, Kim and I went for a run in the desert behind Lifetime Fitness. It has been months since I ran with her but our conversation was as easy as every. About a mile into the run, we saw a 5-foot gohper snake lying in the middle of the run-path. Unfortunately, neither of us had a camera, but we stopped for a few seconds and admired it. It just layed there! About 3 miles into the run, I noticed unusual animal tracks in the middle of the path. Five fingers made it distinct from dog (coyote) or cat (bobcat) tracks. They were also just a bit smaller than coyote tracks! I looked it up after the run, and am pretty sure they were striped skunk tracks. All in all, we did just short of six smooth miles before it started to get really hot!

Today’s India picture was taken by Amiben of tiger tracks. Notice the rounded paw and 4 distinct fingermarks.

Tiger pugmarks – Ranthambhore

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