Running while sick | Two for joy

I’m still not feeling well and rested for most of the day. In the afternoon though, I went to the gym to give the treadmill a shot. My thought was to aim for a 1-hour run at an easy pace. I was feeling just a bit better after taking some Ibuprofen and ran harder than expected. While running, I felt pretty good but the aftermath was not very pleasant. I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Today’s picture from India was taken by Devan. It is a great shot of a Common Myna couple. These birds are common sights all over India and are usually seen in small flocks. When we were kids, we used to sing this silly song when we saw Myna flocks:

  • One for sorrow (or success depending on your mood)
  • Two for joy
  • Three for letter (I guess it would translate to email today)
  • Four for boy (or girl, but it doesn’t really rhyme)
  • Five for silver
  • Six for gold
  • Seven for secrets never to be told
Common Myna couple at Rahtambhore

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