Bonking, Sloshing, Barfing | Happy in India

Instead of swimming, I went to Camelback Coaching to hear Bill talk about nutrition during Ironman racing. It was a wise decision. Nutrition is not just about caloric burn and intake; it is also about proper hydration and electrolytes. Bill always says that “all endurance races are a math problem.” If you get the combination of hydration, nutrition and calories right, you will have the perfect race! For those of us racing frequently, we are familiar with words like bonking and sloshing and of course barfing. They are all part of the game. The trick is to avoid all of the above and for this, you need proper nutrition. It is the fourth leg in triathlons (or maybe the fifth since transitions are the fourth)! All in all, there were some valuable lessons in the 90-minute lecture. Thank you Bill!

Today’s India picture was taken by Will and is of me at our hotel. Nothing special here, just showing how happy I was in India!

Happy in India – Ranthambhore

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