Morning and evening bike rides

I didn’t sleep well at all last night. Sometimes I blow off the morning workout when this happens, but today I met Kristi at Lifetime Fitness for a 2-hour bike ride. We went down zig-zagging through neighborhoods down to a coffee place called Village Coffee Roastery and back for just short of 30 miles.

Since I hadn’t worked out yesterday, I also went for Babette’s evening spin class at Lifetime Fitness which was jam packed. Kim and Chessica were at the class and we lingered a bit after class chit-chatting.

No picture from India today as I am writing this from my computer that doesn’t have any India pics on it. Oh well…tomorrow I will post up two!

Couple of sporty things I am enjoying these days are the Tour de France that Chris Froome is leading, and the tri-nation cricket tournament in the West Indies that I am hoping India will win!

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