Peach-faced Lovebird | Waiting for Jeeps

It became apparent this morning after my run that I haven’t recovered fully yet. I ran for less than 45 minutes with Kim and didn’t even do 5 miles, but it felt laborious. We started at Lifetime Fitness and ran through the Princess resort to the soccer  fields and back. On our way, we saw a peach-faced lovebird flying into a tree (they are escaped birds who now roam Phoenix in small flocks.

As promised, here are two India pictures. The first one is me and my mum taken by Will and the second one is a picture that I took of Sanjana, Maithili and Rishabh. Both pictures were taken early in the morning as we waited for our Jeeps to arrive to take us into Ranthambhore.

My mom and I wait for the Jeep to arrive
Sanjana, Maithili and Rishabh also wait for the Jeep to arrive

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