Eyesight is getting worse | Goldenback Woodpecker

I had my eye check-up today. My eyesight has gotten just a bit worse in the past year. I need new glasses. Annoying, but that’s life!

I went swimming today after a long time. All lanes were occupied with swim lessons and random swimmers. I had to wait a while to get a lane and ultimately ended up swimming in the indoor pool at Lifetime Fitness. The water was comfortably cool. I did 2,000+ meters in about 45 minutes and felt good. I’m almost back to 100%, but still fell just a bit congested in my nose! By this weekend, I should be fine!

Nootankaka was admitted to the hospital today. Nobody seems to have the right answers but apparently he is running a steady fever and his kidney or liver or intestines are infected. I’m sure it is nothing too significant and he will be fit as a fiddle in a day or three!

Today’s picture from India (Ranthambhore) was taken by Amiben of a goldenback woodpecker. Gorgeous, isn’t he?

Goldenback Woodpecker in Ranthambhore

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