Headphone issues | India Photo Album

It has cooled down a bit but is still too hot to run outside. The temperature today hovered at around 104 degrees. Late this morning, I went to Lifetime Fitness for a 1-hour easy run. Unfortunately, my headphones have gone kaput as only one side works and the volume on the other side is sub-optimal and muffled. The run was pretty easy (7.5 miles in an hour). Of course, I got home and ordered new headphones from Amazon (Etymotic MC5 for around 50 bucks). They should be here on Wednesday just in time for my long run.

I am scheduled to do a 5k race next Saturday (July 20), but am still a bit congested. It’s also a bit too hot outside these days, hence I may pass on the race. We’ll see how I feel!

I created a quick photo album of Ranthambhore that you can view here (although the pictures in this share look a bit fuzzy; and I’m not sure if it will work on Apple mobile devices because it may use Flash).

Today’s India pic was taken by Kristi. It is of the Taj Mahal taken from an unusual angle, but shows the details of some of the inlay work and the beauty of the monument.

Taj Mahal with inlay detail

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