Snakes, coyotes, quails | Swim, bike, run | Salim Chisti’s tomb

It rained heavily for about an hour last night. The lashing rain brought down a few tree limbs and there was debris and water-pools everywhere. My morning bikeride was gorgeous; it was cool outside, the sun was behind a light cloud cover and there was virtually zero traffic. In India, they say that the rains bring out snakes. It must be true because it has been raining off and on for a few weeks, and snakes are out and about.

The snake I saw yesterday died. His smashed up carcass was exactly where I saw him yesterday. You could barely recognize how magnificent he was when I saw him yesterday. I hope he was old and feeble and led a full life. I cringed and my heart went heavy as I biked by his dead body this morning. I could have saved him yesterday.

Just before I saw the snake, a coyote crossed the road right in front of me. I saw two more coyotes waiting for me to pass before crossing the road. I think it was the same family (dad, mom, adolescent) that I have seen around my house a couple of times. Right after I saw the snake, I saw a family of quails crossing the road right in front of me. When quail babies are little they can’t fly but lift themselves lightly with their wings and run as if they are floating on the surface. We see dozens of them in the spring and summer here in Scottsdale!

After my early morning ride, I swam at around noon for a short 1,200 meters before running on the treadmill for an easy 10k on the treadmill at Lifetime Fitness.

In the evening, Taryn, Jeremy and Amy came over and we went out for conveyor belt sushi (Teharu). I love that place! It is cheap, quick and has pretty decent sushi.

Today’s picture from India was taken by out guide just after we visited Salim Chisti’s tomb.

Will, Kristi, me – at Salim Chisti’s tomb

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