Raining buckets | At Rani ki Vav

The weather forecast called for a gorgeous day with highs in the upper 80s, cloudy skies and a 30% chance of rain. The plan was to meet up at Thompson Peak and Bell and ride the Hidden Hills loop. Angela, Caty and I were confirmed while Kim, Shelly and Brett were tentative. Shelly was the first one to drop out because of a nail appointment. Then Brett and Caty dropped! Kim’s boyfriend’s flight got delayed, hence she dropped out too. So…Angela and I met up just as it started to rain. It is the strongest downpour I have seen this year. It was coming down buckets. We decided to abandon the ride.

A view of my pool – it was raining buckets almost all day today

At around 3PM, I went to Lifetime Fitness for a relatively easy 35 minute run followed by yoga with Gwen. The yoga class was jam packed and muggy and sweaty.

Today’s pic from India was taken by Kristi when we visited Rani ki Vav. Manish took us to Patan and to the sun temple in Modhera.

At Rani ki Vav with Will, my mum and Manish

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