Longest run on a treadmill | World Record at Roth

Today was my longest run ever on a treadmill. It was painful, but I ran for two and a quarter hours for a bit more than 17 miles. It was way too hot and humid to run outside. The treadmill reset after ninety-five minutes; I stopped for just 30 seconds minutes before re-starting. My legs feel like Jello as I write this.

My friends Kristi, Kristen and Mike are signing up for the Roth 140.6 event to be held next year. Apparently, the race sold out in about 3 minutes, but they got in! From everything I have read and heard, it is one of the most coveted 140.6 events. Chrissie Wellington set her world record on that course (8:19:13 in 2010)!

Chrissie Wellington setting a World Record at Roth in 2010

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