Another hot swim | Great Blue Heron guano

Today is Monday and Mondays are swim days. Yesterday, the water was boiling hot and all I could manage was a measly 600 meters. Today, the water wasn’t quite as hot and I swam just a bit later in the day giving me just enough energy to muster up a bit more than 2,000 meters. I did 500 warm-up, 400 strokes and then 6×150 at level 3 with 30 second rest before warming down. It was a decent workout!

Now for the Great Blue Heron story. About three times a week, we find a big huge white pile of guano (aka bird-shit) near our barbecue in our courtyard. It annoys the heck out of Binita. Today, at around 9PM, I saw a Great Blue Heron perched atop our roof at the EXACT spot above where we find the guano. The dude was huge and was peacefully standing on one leg with his eyes closed. I used a 30-second exposure to take this shot with my SLR camera. Sleep in peace my friend, and please find some other place to splatter your guano!

Great Blue Heron perched atop our roof

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