Babette’s spin class | Teharu | Grabbagreen

Tuesdays are spin days. Today I spun for 90 minutes in Babette’s class. She spins some cool tunes and whoop whoop whoops it up for a high-energy class. Her classes are usually jam-packed! Overall, it was a pretty decent workout (I am apprehensive about tomorrow’s workout; a two-and-a-half-hour run)!

Today, I will tell you about two lunch places that have opened up near my office that I love:

Teharu: Conveyor-belt sushi that is pretty decent in quality and provides instant gratification and an interactive, fun atmosphere. Plus, it’s cheap. What’s not to like!!

Interactive conveyor-belt sushi at Teharu

GrabbaGreen: A cool joint that serves healthy salads and smoothies and is frequently patronized by yoga-moms! It is a bit pricey, but is usually packed; plus the owner (Kelly) is really nice!

Excellent salads and smoothies at Grabbagreen

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