Home spin | TnT-LLS and Miguel

Binita had an office party this evening, so I needed to be at home with the puppies. After my hot run yesterday, I didn’t have the energy to wake up early this morning to work out. Hence, my only option was to get on my bike trainer in the evening. I spun for about an hour; a pretty routine spin!

Today, I signed up for the PF Chang’s Half Marathon in Phoenix in January, 2014 through Team-in-training to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are also hosting an LLS party on September 14th for the “rock-stars” who have raised more than a thousand bucks over their fund-raising targets. The house is getting some minor upgrades including a few new plants. Pictured here is Miguel (our landscaper) cutting down the snail vine which has become somewhat unruly in our courtyard!

Miguel removing the snail vine

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