Struggle with buoyancy | Chromecast HDMI signal splitter

Rahul has gone to Michigan for a wedding. Hence, work is pretty busy these days. This week, escaping work to go to the gym has been a bit of a challenge. Today, I swam at around 5:00PM for a good 2,400 meters. It was a ladder swim and I tried to concentrate on extending my arms and rotating my body for a smoother, longer, more relaxed stroke. It sounds easy, but it is not. I struggle with buoyancy and have a constant feeling that I am sinking. The water temperature was very comfortable today.


I setup Chromecast yesterday evening. I’m pretty excited about it because now I can watch cricket on the big TV instead of watching it on my small laptop screen. I still haven’t figured out how to split the HDMI signal to route the audio through my amplifier for surround sound, but Hafthor pointed me to a device that will split the HDMI signal into digital audio. It is an inexpensive device; hence I just may give it a try!

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