Amiben went back | Bike-Run at Lifetime Fitness

Amiben left for India today. It was great having her here if only for a few days. The Arizona economy certainly benefited from all her shopping (I should have taken a picture of her 3 bags that she took back to India – they each weighed 50+ lbs)!

This Saturday, Binita and I will fly to San Francisco because Sanjana starts at UC Berkeley for her International Law degree (I think). Sheelben will be there and so will my mum! It’ll be fun and games.

After dropping Amiben at the airport this evening, I went to Lifetime Fitness for a quick spin and run. The spin was for a mere 25 minutes and the run was for 40 minutes; just enough to get my juices flowing during this easy rest week.

My chest bruise has healed so I am back to wearing my heart-belt, but of course, it is quite imperfect. I patiently wait for the day when someone will figure out how to measure pulse accurately from my wrist or even my finger. Apparently, Polar and Omron have devices but none are accurate!

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