Easy Swim | Snake at Lifetime Fitness

There was commotion among the lifeguards at Lifetime Fitness today. Someone went into the ladies bathroom near the outdoor pool only to find a snake curled up behind the toilet. Nobody could figure out what kind of snake it was. Of course, some of them were sure it was a rattle snake although nobody heard or saw the rattle! In the end, the snake was captured in a bucket and released in the desert by Lifetime Fitness. One of the lifeguards took these pictures. You can see that he was apprehensive about taking pictures; he couldn’t even get the head of the snake after it was released!

Snake at Lifetime Fitness

The snake was an ordinary gopher snake; pretty harmless with no venom.

I swam with Kim and Colleen for just a bit more than a mile. It was a pretty smooth swim; nothing much to it! Shelly was there too; I shared a lane with her for the first 500 meters. It is Shelly’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Shelly!!

Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco to join Sheelben, Sanjana and my mother. It’ll be a fun trip although my workout regimen will probably suffer. Oh well…

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