Back to Phoenix

Our flight wasn’t until 3:45PM, but we left the hotel early in the morning to drop my mother off to the airport. Her flight was at around noon (she flew to Cleveland). After this, Binita, Sheelben and I found a non-descript Starbucks and lazed around doing nothing. There was a 24-hour Fitness next-door and I was tempted to do a quick workout but refrained. Eventually, we returned the car and boarded our respective flights. Sheelben flew Emirates to Dubai (and then onwards to Ahmedabad) and we flew back to Phoenix.

Naman was flying in from Seattle to Phoenix and met us at the airport. We drove straight home. I was excited to see my puppies and they were equally as excited! I setup my bike trainer only to realize that I forgot my heart-rate belt at the hotel in Berkeley. Irritating! The trainer workout was short and sweet (45 minutes).

Tomorrow is the longass run (two-and-a-half hours). It will be hot outside!

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