Smooth morning ride | Desserts at Lamp Pizzeria

I met Kristi at 5:30AM today for a smooth 19-mile ride. It was quite uneventful; I put the hammer down up on Hayden, and Kristi put the hammer down on a straightaway on Bell. It was a relatively brisk ride for a Friday!

I don’t think I mentioned in my blog that Naman is in town. He flew in on Tuesday evening when we flew back from Berkeley.

Excellent restaurant in North Scottsdale

In the evening today, Kristi came over for a glass of wine and then we went to Lamp for dinner (Pinnacle Peak and Pima). After sharing a small pizza, we devoured 3 desserts; a nutella and banana pizza with some kind of whipped cream, an almond cookie with salted caramel ice cream and a roasted marshmallow milk-shake. Yummm!!

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