2 Flats, Spin, Run and Yoga

The day started early today. I was revving to go for a nice long 4-hour ride. I figured I’ll do about 65 miles up and down North Scottsdale. I rode hard for the first 30 minutes; a bit harder than I wanted to but I felt good and wanted to go hard on the slight uphills. Last night, the wind had picked up resulting in a ton of small twigs and branches in the bike lane. Since I was riding alone, it was easy for me to avoid all the debris and maintain a smooth cadence.

Just before I hit the intersection of Hayden and Thompson Peak (going North), my bike started riding a little heavier. I heard a small pffft sound with each rotation of the wheel. Pffft, pffft, pffft, pffft; I thought the sound was coming from my rear derailleur. In about 20 seconds the sound vanished. I crossed the intersection and immediately felt my rear tire go flat. I rolled my eyes in disappointment. I guess I wasn’t able to avoid all the debris after all. “No worries,” I thought to myself, “I will have the tube changed in a matter of 15 minutes and I will be on my way. No harm no foul!”

I changed my tube rather deftly. There were no jams, no snafus. I carefully checked for any thorns or sharp objects before I put the new tube in. The nitrogen canister also dispensed all its air in the tire with perfect pressure. The rear tire was back up and I was ready to go. My hands were a bit dirty, but I had changed the tube in around 10 minutes. Pretty good for me.

I mounted the bike and away I went. Pffft, pffft, pffft, pfft. Oh no. This time I stopped immediately and felt the air leaking out of the tire through a small orifice. The inside of the orifice must have been somewhat sharp to puncture the tube. Some days are not meant to be. Today was one of them! I walked my bike to Starbucks, bought a Greek yogurt, called Binita to pick me up and made small talk with a fellow bicyclist. I got home and rested!

In the afternoon, I went to Lifetime Fitness for a 30-minute spin followed by a 30-minute run followed by a 1-hour yoga class. Kristi was there. It is always good to see her!

Tomorrow is another day…

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