Swim analysis video | Longest swim I have ever done

Today I swam the longest ever (for me). At the Ironman in November, I will have to swim 3,800 meters (2.4 miles). Today, I swam 3,000 meters in just under an hour with a couple of rests. I swam for 2,100 meters straight in around 38 minutes. I rested for about 3 minutes before doing another 500 meters, resting for about 30 seconds and finishing the swim with the last 400 meters.

During the swim, Will Rossiter filmed me for a couple of laps. My form doesn’t look too bad here, but it certainly needs work. I can see that my hands enter too much near the center line, my catch is virtually non-existent and my right arm needs more aero. Also, my pull could be more purposeful and stronger (I need stronger pecs and arm muscles).

Thanks Will for filiming me!

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