Mr. Poopyhead is back | 90 minute spin

I woke up early this morning for no specific reason. I knew it would be a busy day at work because we were scheduled to release a new version of our mobiFriendly platform (version 7.0). Binita’s friend (the Great Blue Heron who sits on our roof and poops near our BBQ) was back. He was hanging out getting ready for the sun to rise so he can take off and go fish at the lake. I like having him around and have nicknamed him Mr. Poopyhead. Unfortunately, he does soil our courtyard! You can see his silhouette in the morning light in this picture (taken with my iPhone).

Great Blue Heron (aka Mr. Poopyhead) on our rooftop

In the evening, I went to Babette’ spin class. I got there early and spun for an extra 30 minutes. There was moonlight swim at 7:30PM, but I decided not go to for it because I have to run for 18+ miles tomorrow!

Also, yesterday I got a new tire for my bike. I pray for no more flats!

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