Another longass run on the treadmill | another chafe

It is still hot in Phoenix. Temperatures hover above the 100 degree mark daily with slightly cloudy skies compounding the heat with some humidity. My schedule called for running for two-and-a-half hours. I had no choice but to run on the treadmill!

I got my heart-belt back from the hotel (I blogged last week that I forgot it in Berkeley). For the past week or so, I was using Binita’s belt, but this time I put mine on before the run.

I started slowly and felt sluggish for the first 30 minutes. The thought of running for 18+ miles on a treadmill at a single stretch is not comforting and it probably accounted for my sluggishness. At around the 50-minute mark, I got my second wind and picked up my pace. The next 40-45 minutes went pretty smoothly, but my stupid heart-belt is chafing my chest again. I wore it for only part of the run.

At the 99th minute mark, the treadmill stops (it can’t roll over the three digits – which sounds like a Y2K-like problem)! I took a few swigs of carbo-pro-infused Gatorade G2, ate a Stinger Waffle and restarted the treadmill for the next 51 minutes. My body felt sluggish again, but I powered through it for a total of 18.5 miles.

As I write this, my legs feel like Jello and my lower calf on my right leg is sore (along with my hips). Also, my chest now has a bruise, thanks to the ridiculous heart belt. I’d take a picture and post it but it looks kinda nasty!

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