Fish Drill? Skate Drill?

I sent my swimming video that Will took to Anne Wilson. She wrote back a summary of improvements and drills with names like Fish Drill and Skate Drill. My head position is off, my legs are too far apart, my arms cross over, my pull is not efficient, my breathing is too jerky and the list goes on and on. In other words, I have a ways to go before I have an efficient swimming stroke. At least I will go faster if I make my stroke efficient!

I emailed Anne and setup a private swim lesson on Saturday. I look forward to it!

After the long run yesterday, my body is still quite sore. I swam a relatively easy 1,500 meters at Lifetime Fitness today. Eric and I shared a lane for a while. He is going to climb Mt. Lemmon in Tucson on his bike on Sunday. Apparently, it is 4 hours up and 40 minutes down! I’m tempted to go, but it is a long drive to Tucson.

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