Calf hurts | TNT Quilt | Uncomfortable swim

The lower portion of my right calf hurts. It feels especially sore when I am walking down stairs. I will refrain from running for a day or so to see if it heals. If not, I will do the red laser treatment on it. We’ll see…

Megan and Marge swung by my office to plan the TNT/LLS party. They came over to my place to figure out the food, decor, layout, etc. The invitation is printed and mailed; the theme has something to do with the stars. It will be a fun, festive evening on September 14.

Look at this picture that Megan took and posted on Facebook. My T-shirt Quilt is now officially famous!

Race-shirt Quilt with TNT / LLS Purple!

Instead of biking outdoors, I decided to bike on the stationary bike. I spun for an hour before swimming with Shelly for about a mile. It was a pretty easy swim, but I decided to try some new things to improve my stroke. I especially concentrated on making sure my hands enter the water shoulder-length apart, and my legs don’t separate while breathing. It was quite uncomfortable, but hopefully I will gain some speed!

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