Hidden Hills flat tire

The weather has finally broken in Phoenix. Let’s hope we have seen the last of the super-hot temperatures for 2013. It drizzled all night last night and it was absolutely gorgeous this morning. Still drizzling, the temperature was in the upper 80s with overcast skies and barely any wind. Shelly and Angela came over and we rode less than 30 miles to Hidden Hills and back.

After climbing the hill to Hidden Hills, I waited for Angela and Shelly to catch up. We were joined by an older guy who talked about hypnosis, reincarnation and religion. It was a bit of a strange conversation considering we barely knew him. Shelly promptly proceeded to set him up with her mom and (if all works out) they are going on a date soon.

As soon as we started the ride down, I noticed that my rear tire had flatted. Mind you, this was my first ride after installing a brand new tire and tube. Frustrating! As I changed the tire, I found the culprit; a small piece of sharp metal inside the tire. After fixing the tire, I noticed that the valve stem was a bit short. When I affixed the cartridge adapter, the entire canister leaked and the tire remained flat. Fortunately, one of the passing bicyclist had a hand-pump that did the trick. The ride back was uneventful; we ended up at OverEasy for breakfast.

It wasn’t quite the 60 miles that I wanted to do, but it was something!

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