Malibu Triathlon is a week away | Tempo trainer

Next week at this time, I will be in Malibu, CA. I’ll have picked up my race packet, dropped off my bike and will have already prepped for the race. I don’t have a specific race plan yet, but I hope to finish in under 2:45 (Olympic Distance). I also hope to see Chrissie Wellington (she will be there with Cannondale and CNN), and get an autographed visor that I plan to wear at the Arizona Ironman in November.

I went to masters swim at JCC today for the first time. I did some more drills with Anne; I’m still not used to the “snap” in my stroke and the easy breathing, but I am starting to get the hang of it. After I get used to these current drills, Anne told me that she will introduce me to a tempo trainer similar to the one pictured here. My cadence (or arm stroke rate) is too slow; and with an increased turnover, I will be faster.

Binita left for Nashville today. She is out there to see Julie-Len-Renee for the long weekend. All I plan to do is swim-bike-run-eat-sleep. It’ll be a fun, active weekend!

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