Double Rainbow | Afternoon Bonk

I blogged sometime earlier that I have signed up to run the PF Chang’s half marathon through Team in Training to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This morning at 5:30AM, the team met for a quick 40-minute run at the Railroad Park on Scottsdale and Indian Bend. I met a bunch of new people on the team (Dave, Shana, etc.) and saw some of my old friends (Ali, Megan). After a few pleasantries and stretches, as we started running, we saw a morning double-rainbow (I’ve never seen a double-rainbow in the morning). If you haven’t seen this video, it is worth watching (although a bit over the top).

A few folks took pictures (I didn’t have my phone with me); I have emailed a couple of people to send me a picture so I can post it up! I ran a total of only 5 miles.

It was a hot day, but at noon I set out on my bike to do Hidden Hills. I wanted to do about 30 miles at a relatively brisk pace. The climb uphill to Hidden Hills was smooth albeit hot and humid. I was losing energy fast and didn’t realize it until I started the descent and was almost back home. I had done only 23 miles and had to stop with bonk-like feelings. Starting out fatigued, not drinking or taking in enough calories and burning sugar constantly is a good formula for a bonk. I stopped at Starbucks, ran into Rahul-Janki-Kai-Annika and had a cool lime refresher and a croissant. After loading up with a few calories and resting for 20 minutes I did another 10 miles in the heat.

Since Binita is away, I lazed around for the rest of the day!

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