Are Albarino grapes growing in our courtyard?

Kristi and Angela came over early this morning and we went for a 40+ mile loop in North Scottsdale. We started at my house, went west on Thompson Peak, north on Pima, west up the hill on Happy Valley all the way to Jomax going east, then north again on Alma School to the Shell gas station. After resting there for a bit, we came down west on Dynamite hill, north again on Pima to Legend Trail all the way to Stagecoach and then north to Treeline and then back on Carefree highway to the second Shell gas station. After resting there again, we took a rather straight way back starting south on Tom Darlington (which becomes Scottsdale Rd) to Happy Valley and then to Hayden, Williams, Hayden again, east on Thompson Peak back to my house.

My legs are still reeling and fatigued from the past couple weeks’ activities. Kristi has become a really strong rider and there were times that I could barely keep up with her (even when I was drafting her).

Definitely not Albarino varietal from Spain

Yesterday, my mom noticed these grapes growing in our courtyard. This year’s crop has been pretty meager compared to last year’s abundant grapes. I don’t think these grapes are anything special, but if someone asks, I usually tell them that they are something exotic like the Albarino varietal from Spain. I don’t know much about grapes or wine, and most people who claim that they do don’t either. Of course there are exceptions! Truthfully, I think these are concord grapes that you get at the grocery store (insert smiley face here).

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