Back hurts a bit | Greg is now a biker!

My back has a kink again. It is nothing significant but I should watch it. Fortunately, this is rest week leading up the the Malibu International Triathlon on Saturday. I can’t wait to drive there (with my mom) and do the event. It is a pretty cool ocean swim followed by relatively flat bike and run courses. Of course, the icing on the cake is seeing Chrissie again!

I went to Lifetime Fitness for an easy 1,000 meter swim with a bunch of drills. I have a bone to pick with Lifetime Fitness because there were a ton of kids splashing around in lap-swim lanes. Fortunately, I got a lane to myself!

Brett and Greg fixing up Therapy to take her for a spin

Brett and Greg came over at around 11AM because Greg wants to try out biking. We raised the seat on Therapy (aka my Argon 18) for him. Greg had borrowed bike-shoes that somehow didn’t clip in; hence he rode for a few miles in flip-flops with Brett. I think he enjoyed it. Ali, if you are reading this, you just lost your soon-to-be-husband to the world of bicycling. I’m sure his hydration will include some Glenlevit single malt whiskey!

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  1. Thank you for being such great friends and lending Greg a helping hand! He had a great time, but the scotch always wins 🙂 feel better G!

  2. Once Greg starts biking, scotch will be less of an attraction. You'll see…

  3. Those are my shoes…donated to Greg's cause! I hope he gets great use out of them. Sorry Ali. 🙁

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