My back hurts like hell | Trigger Point Performance Therapy

I’m hurting. I woke up with severe pain in my back. It sucks. Malibu is a few days away; I am to see Chrissie again. The timing sucks! I went to see Lisa Hawkins today and she worked on me. As I write this, I am still hurting. It will probably take a few days for it to subside. I have not taken any Advil yet, but I am tempted.

Needless to say, today was rest day. So will tomorrow. My changes of driving to Malibu and doing the event are about 50-50.

Trigger Point Performance Therapy Foam Roller

If you are in the triathlon world, you have probably heard of Trigger Point Performance Therapy. Their website is There is a decent chance that we will be doing some work for them. Today, at Windhawk Clinic, I bought their foam roller (the middle orange one). I mashed my back muscles on it just before I am writing this. I hope that it aids my recovery and in a couple of days, I will be as fit as a fiddle!

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