Back hurts more | Malibu triathlon update

My back is worse today. I woke up stiff (stop it, I’m talking about my back). I was snippy with everyone around me (and I apologize for that, especially to my pups). I ate some delicious honey yogurt with Julie’s world famous granola (click on the link to see what I am talking about). I popped a couple of Advils (in case you don’t know, I avoid taking pain medication as much as possible). I felt better.

At noon, I went to see Lisa Hawkins who did some deep tissue massage on my back. It hurt but in a good way. It has become apparent that I will not be going to Malibu after all. I am bummed. I was to see Chrissie. I was to swim in the ocean. I was to hang out in the sun and watch a bunch of celebrities I don’t know do the race on Sunday.

Malibu Triathlon medal will have to wait

Malibu will have to wait until next year now! The only thing on the menu for now is rest.

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