“NFL Pool Party” – what does it mean? | Maggie loves to swim

Brett sent out an eVite invitation that said “NFL Pool Party.” Did he mean swimming pool? Did he mean pool table? Did he mean NFL betting pool? Everyone else understood that he meant swimming pool. I didn’t. I showed up thinking we are going to bet on some sort of NFL betting pool. Of course, I am not a gambler and didn’t have any cash! Besides, it’s not like we were going to watch cricket. We watched this team called the Green Bay Packers (does anyone know why any team would be named the “Packers?”) playing this crazy American game called Football (which hardly involves touching the ball with your foot)!

Anyway, my back is feeling just a bit better today. I actually went for a leisurely swim of 700 meters. I had too use a buoy between my legs because kicking hurt my back; but it was nice to just get out to the gym and do something active.

When Simi (my older dog) was a puppy, she used to jump in the water after me. Missy (my younger dog) is afraid of the water. She goes nuts when I jump in the pool. I am posting a video of Maggie (Brett’s crazy dog) who absolutely loves to swim (as you can see)! Note that at the time of posting this blog post, the below video was still processing.

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