How to increase female participation in sports

My back has started to feel better. My schedule calls for an intense workout week but that will just have to wait. I want to start getting just a bit active, maybe sweat a bit and nurse my back back to health.

I swam again today for a short 1,000 meters. I tried some drills but arching my back even slightly still hurts. Once again, I swam easy, concentrating on my stroke with a buoy between my legs and then sat in the hottub for about 15 minutes.

Read Chrissie’s Blog

I want to draw attention to a post that Chrissie Wellington wrote on her blog a couple of weeks back. It talks about the lack of encouragement in participation of sports among women. This has led to young girls being disinterested in physical activities and sports. Chrisse makes some strong points and her passion on the subject obviously shows. Read it; you will like it. More importantly, take action in whatever small way you can. Gender equality doesn’t quite get the press that racial and ethnic equality gets, but it is equally (if not more) important for a peaceful planet.

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